Gamma Logistics Corporation (B.V.I.) has been a reliable logistics service provider since 2011.  Our mission at Gamma Logistics is simple:  To provide services of the highest quality in a timely manner.  Throughout the years, we aim to widen our scope of services to cater to each project's specific needs.  To ensure excellence, we focus on training our team to go above and beyond the call of duty to find the best solution for our clients.

Since privatizing in December 2018, Gamma Logistics has been working with different business partners.  These collaborations have strengthened our team and broadened our range of products and services.  Our goal is to build a league of business partners thereby to enhance customer satisfaction and promote business growth.

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Room 13006-08E, 13/F
ATL Logistics Centre B, Berth 3
Kwai Chung Container Terminal
Kwai Chung, Hong Kong


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